Blue Jays in Force

An interesting thing about the birdfeeder is how birds species time share on it. Blue Jays, when they descend on it, will take over all the surrounding trees. Several dozens of them raiding the feeder for 20 minutes. None of them were there before, none left after. They act as a group, are punctual, and expedient.

Ruffed Grouse

In the Summer of 2014, when we took possession of our land, there were so many ruffed grouses thumping away that it sounded like old tractors were starting constantly. We were in fact puzzled for a long time as to what the sound was. We haven’t heard them since, and we never really saw them either. Until a few days ago, when we heard one, and then saw a female next to the house, and then a male in the forest. I can only hope it means they are back for good.