Taking Leaves for a Ride

One of the things trees give us: quick composting organic matter from deep bellow.

We didn’t count the bulbs we put in the ground this year. You could say we’re getting into the rhythm of things and not really worrying about bean counting.


Many people told me that oak was by far the best wood to burn for heat. In 6 years of heating with wood, we never had that luxury. This is about to change as a massive oak on our land came down of its own volition. I finally went after it this week end. It’s pretty hard to go through given it’s odd position but the rapid yield makes up for the hard work. Now I have to say I never carried such heavy logs, likely a sign of the wood’s density. I had to split it on the spot to get pieces I could move. Besides its density, it splits relatively easy and makes an unusual very dry almost gun-like sound upon impact. I’m a fan already.

We meet again

Good spot to spend an afternoon in spite of the crappy weather. I had to make a path so I could turn the ATV around further.

I can’t wait several months of seasoning to try oak, so I brought a piece inside for a quick dry. We’ll throw it in the fire box for a special occasion :).