There it is, the final outline

I mentioned before the 2 things I enjoy most when building are discovering newly framed windows views, and seeing the outline of a building in the land.

I’ve been taking it at a reasonable pace building this sugarhouse, 4 hours here and there. It’s nice to not build until exhaustion. In some ways I’m slowing down from the frenetic pace of the past few years. I can’t keep working with a barbecue going and 2 kids jumping on the trampoline, signs of how nice life is becoming on our land. Let the good times roll.


Sugarhouse Construction Push

All the rafters are done, tomorrow I’ll go after the cupola and do as much blocking as I can.


Vapor hole

Found a Monarch chrysalis, I’ll have to keep an eye on it in the next few days

Without Much Fanfare

A sugarhouse / tool shed / tractor garage / soap making shop, is being born. We’ve had many projects lacking dry space. I’m barely documenting anything, I also have to post some pictures of how incredible the garden is this year. This has all become less than extraordinary: growing awesome gardens, putting together buildings is simply what we do now. A sign of the completeness of the transformation we undertook 8 years ago. In a lot of ways we feel like we don’t need to achieve anything anymore while looking ahead to several large projects for the coming years. Maybe all we had to achieve was making this who we are, everything else follows naturally without fuss.

3 pillars which will be buried to support the lean-to part of the building

Site prep day, truck got stuck

Concrete pouring day, I’ll skip the stresses of dealing with contractors

12′ walls are no joke

He can help more and more but it’s still hard to have him around the site for all the dangers

Not the most conventional framing method but the computer model says it’ll work and I’ve grown accustomed to not questioning what the computer says. I braced the building because there won’t be shearing rated sheathing on the walls and we do get high winds. The roof line will be broken by a sizeable cupola. 20′ rafters also are no joke.

Starting to look good 🙂