Miscellaneous Construction

Deck Stairs

As always, but especially with stairs, figuring them out on a more malleable and fault tolerant medium saves a considerable amount of time. It helps get all the little details right too.

It will move with the ground frosts, and so it attached to the deck in a way that will allow for this.

A Door

This is the first door inside the house, and it’s going to the kid who started needing privacy. He still leaves it open at night because he’s not used to being isolated, he’s still just a little boy. We had to explain a few things about door use that are not obvious when you didn’t grow up with them. Being careful with where Esther’s fingers are when he closes it, or how not to close the cat in. He of course slammed it once, and I told him just as I had constructed the door, I would deconstruct it if he did that again. The threat was deemed plausible and it’s been honestly hilarious to see him ever so gently yet angrily close his door when he throws a pre-teen fit.


I’ve been pushing the hickory flooring into one of the flights of stairs. It sure it nice to have an alternative when I turn one into a minefield such as this:

I had to buy more clamps…

Firewood Storage

We finally have a nice firewood buffer in the house. No need to keep running outside to get more wood. The house can go several days with what’s in there.

The top shelf will probably not be used for wood.

One of the benefits of this setup is that I am now in charge of keeping it filled: it’s less work for the rest of the family to keep fires going, and they don’t have to guess which end of which wood pile outside to pick from.

I commissioned labels so we know what we’re burning and which shelf to preferably pick from.

I love commissioning labels. The kids are very thrilled when it shows up randomly in our lives attached to an actual function. I’m carefully building up my collection of labels knowing I only have a few years to do so before they don’t want to do it any more. What I’ll have built up will have to suffice for the rest of my life.