2 Walls

They took a whole day by myself. The area has some shade, I’m not climbing much, and the site is at the center of family life while not being in the way of it so I get to see kids play and Nicole work on the gardens. It’s really some of the more pleasant construction I’ve done.

I know all the tricks to making walls plumb these days.

Random Construction Pics

To make my life easier, this time I’m insulating the floor while I can get to it from the top. I also blocked at 47″ meaning the rockwool batts fit right in with no cutting whatsoever. I still spent some time crawling under to sheathe the flooring and that very much sucked, but at least the next step (insulating) which used to suck horribly, went like a breeze.

I popped in a couple of walls next, more coming soon.