Never seen a kid

go from bed to snow as fast as he does. Not 30 seconds pass from the warmth of his sheets to the blistery morning cold.

His new morning routine

One day we’ll build a house up there

Robin & I went around the perimeter of the land to post it. It had been too long since I last did it. Much like certain countries and US states, some of the borders of our land are straight lines with complete disregard for topological features. It makes for an unconventional walk, one that takes us places we seldom see. It still blows my mind that we have such an enormous backyard that I rarely visit some of it. I’d like to work more on trails to reach further inland on our casual walks. We usually turn around where nature starts to get wild. It’ll take a while, and when we reach this spot, we’ll build a house on it. Maybe Robin will be the one swinging the hammer.