A website to make the meal math easier on the parents


List of current features:

  1. It uses the USDA National Nutrient Database as the basis for all the foods you can search (your tax dollars at work).
  2. You can add your own recipes, ingredients whatever else is not in the base database. We find that we add all the foods we use even if it’s just bread because a bread with a label is always more accurate than the generic/average bread as defined in the USDA database. It’s also nice for adding your family specials once and for all and never have to do the math again.
  3. What you add is not shared amongst users and it only visible to you.
  4. It tries to learn which foods come back to help pick them later on.
  5. It remembers which amounts you last used
  6. Calculates insulin dose on the fly
  7. Very simple & streamlined navigation for the least work for the parents

This is still very much a work in progress but has made our meals a lot more agreeable already.

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