All right, all right, the stupid septic is in

State mandated expense of $5500, I’ll avoid bitching too much about it but it’s hard to swallow for the expense and the lifestyle it enforces.

Concentrate excretions in a huge tank buried where no one can see it.IMG_0002

Scar your land with giant trenches dug by an excavator the size of your house.IMG_4957

Replace your great soil with stones and plastic to process a few gallons of effluent. IMG_0010 IMG_0023

Thankfully, Vermont abounds with great people. I rode the bucket down the tank pit 😀 I wouldn’t say that the ride was worth $5500 but maybe if I could drive the excavator a bit we’d be there. I got to decrease my bill and learn the ins and outs of my septic system by working alongside Eric & E.J.. I hope people like them never go away.


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