Bunk bed, shelving, flooring and many other things

Custom shelves are popping up left and right

Custom means maximizing space all the way up to the ceiling. I figured out a nice building technique that is a good mix of simple, study and good looking. It also lets me use a lot of extra lumber from previous projects.

First I grab any extra 2bys I have laying around and I rip them in slices of 1.5″. It essentially gives me 1.5″x1.5″ square rods which I build the basic frame with. Then I “dress” the frame with shiplap or tongue & groove. I always have some on hand since I cover every square inch of the house with this stuff. Finally, I make it look nice with cedar trim which also happens to be a mite repellent.

The forest saved me a trip to the hardware store for a coat hanger rod.

A bunk bed in the making

building rule of thumb: if it can support my monkeying around, it’ll support my kids’.

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