Catching Pokemons

The kids love seeing wildlife or signs of it on our land. The trailcam is a great asset in this regard, and so whenever we pull its SD card, we check to see which “pokemons we caught”. We often get common ones, rarely with the trailcams or our phones, do we get to catch a rare one: bear, bobcat, coyote. I caught a bobcat once, but I didn’t press the button right on my phone in the excitement. I met it twice and spent the Summer carefully placing the trailcam in its path, alas it evades me still. It’s reached the status of mythical creature at home, first they didn’t believe me and none of my shots had it, then with Nicole a witness I operated my phone like a grandpa. It’s the elusive camera defeating bobcat.

A porcupine has been inspecting the collapsed barn recently, you can tell Spring is here because we get more sightings and more pushing of boundaries.

But its current residents are 2 raccoons, they exit it and come back every night.

These guys are unfortunately common too…

The neighbor’s dog…

The absolute most common pokemon

And the most fearsome

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