Typing Their Handwriting

I let the kids use the handwriting they captured a few days ago to cement into the world the idea of what they had worked on.

Robin went first in his usual style

Esther went in “Handwriting Typewriter” mode, meaning that letters were sent to the plotter as they were typed.



Future Archeologists will waste whole careers on this one 🙂


Not sure what I’ll do with it

Since my invention last year of a font format dedicated to handwriting on plotters (how’s that for niche?). I’ve decided to capture the kids’ progress through the years.


Robin’s second capture.


Esther’s first go.

We’ll at least plot some stuff with their handwriting so they can link their work with something tangible. Maybe in a few years there will be something cool to do with the progression, but the essence alone is a cool thing to have captured.