Compromises, Getting 70 Amps on Demand

We barely used our Champion generator these past 5 years, but it did come in handy on rare occasions. It sat for 2 years unused at one point and needed some TLC to get back going again, a fact we didn’t want another way. Working from home in the time of Covid, having upgraded our solar setup, and still not making enough power through very cloudy days, we had to compromise our values a bit more and get decent fossil based 🙁 regenerating capabilities.

I’m still gathering information on water and wind turbines to diversify down the road, but today we are not ready to pull that trigger and we need to work.

So we acquired a very nice Honda EU2200i, and a wonderful little device that plugs into it and produces 70A at 12VDC on demand.

The Honda generator is really nice and very quiet.

The AIMS Power CON120AC1224DC is very impressive, is can truly put out 70A on demand, it can be tuned to charge several battery types, and it decouples the load. I don’t need to switch the load to the generator, which means it’s always on the nice clean pure sine inverter.

The Honda generator comes with Bluetooth, a fact I was not happy about as it’s gimmicky, but I have to say it is nice to not have to go back outside to turn off the generator. The AIMS converter is definitely working it hard.


The results on the solar graph are, well, a bit absurd to look at :).

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