Cool Duplo Project #28 – The Tallest Duplo Tower in the World

While this is not the tallest Lego tower in the World, I couldn’t find a taller Duplo Tower. Hence, I hereby proclaim this to be the Tallest Duplo Tower in the World. We can advertise this fact on the town signs to attract tourism “Home of the Tallest Duplo Tower in the World”. Tourists looooooove Duplo Towers.

We actually built 3 of them, the tallest was approximately 5.3 meters (17.4′) high and weighed close to 5kg (11lb).


The OCD is strong in this scene








Tower 01

I bumped into it while setting up the pull string : Sorry random guy who happened to stumble upon tower apocalypse.


Tower 02

The tallest & heaviest, unfortunately the felling method of yanking a feet out with the pull string did not produce the usual result of the tower leaning to its doom. Instead its weight made it come crashing straight down.


Tower 03

The last and successful attempt at a good fell 🙂

Thank you

to the helpers and the town’s elementary school


7 Replies to “Cool Duplo Project #28 – The Tallest Duplo Tower in the World”

  1. Nice tower. On vacation with the extended family, we spontaneously built a Lego Duplo tower that was about 17 ft 4 in. That was the ceiling height (there was a loft to reach over and install the upper portions) of the room. The base was a piece of granite counter top that I shimmed to level. Every time someone walked by on the wood floor the whole tower would wobble, so we were approaching the slenderness limit. A very fun project and inspiring for the kids!

      1. Sorry, but we have built a 7.5m duplo tower last month, and are applying for the Guinness world record…incredible tower though, well done!

        1. Oh really? do you have any pics or a link to substantiate your dubious claim? 🙂

          Don’t waste 5 bucks with the Guinness world record, I tried to get them to recognize my newest tower which is ~6.2 meters, so I guess you still have the record :). Anyway, they would not as it’s too niche a record and they considered it to be in the category of “tallest structure built with interlocking
          plastic bricks” which is a record held by a 30m Lego structure that has cables supporting it (so foreign components to help). I tried to make the case to them that a free-standing structure presented a whole new set of challenges but they stuck to their guns.

          So, I guess the game is on 🙂

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