Cool Duplo Project #43 – Wind experiments

More wind spinners & a few sail based vehiclesIMG_0385

this ship looked good but was too heavy


A quick mod and it went!


Sail plane!


3 way race2017-07-08 00_37_27

Wind spinners were a disappointment, they took focused wind to get moving. Not at all what I had in mind with the cup shaped design. We’ve tried many of them and could never get one working well. wind_spinner

Coming up with his new wind powered race carIMG_6683

Fun times, I’d like to get more ideas of things which could move with the wind.

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  1. Very cool! For something else that moves in wind, maybe you can invent a baffle/pendulum that has geometry that causes it to oscillate in a steady wind. You may have to start the oscillation, letting it “bounce” off the wind.

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