Egg Thief

We couldn’t figure out how we kept losing eggs we temporary placed on the grain cans. The answer is that the chickens became acquainted with this raven. They usually make a ruckus when they’re around, but this guy gets a free pass even as he jumps around trying to make the egg fall.

Flying away, egg in beak

We thought a raven might be it, and so we kept bringing an egg every day around the same time until we could catch whatever it was in the act. We learned that it doesn’t like white eggs, only brown ones. No peanuts either. It really just wants 1 brown egg. For a bit I was dreaming of having a pet raven that would bring me shiny stuff in exchange for eggs, but it seems unreceptive to the idea, so we stopped the expensive daily tribute. I’m still hoping :).

Edit: Raven! it’s a raven not a crow :).

2 Replies to “Egg Thief”

  1. Aww :3 We’ve got three crows that usually come around during our mornings’ walk with the dog – Usually they love the peanuts we’re giving them, but getting them to actually follow us on our way home took some time, and even now they’re very *very* careful getting closer to our living room’s window.

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