Every Other Year

It seems as though we build something substantial every other year. This construction season, we are building a deck and focusing on siding (which is very much overdue).

Ken is back to help me plant piers


Chatting about what to do where


Some piers go in very close to the house and septic pipes. Having an actual toilet is still something new here, and we want to keep it this way by not crushing the septic pipes.

Esther is fascinated by the “big tractor”

It’s going to be a big deck 🙂

We also planted 3 piers by the Sugarhouse to extend its coverage of equipment. The piers will be ready for me whenever I get inspired.

Ken helped us plant 32 piers so far, including the 9 first piers which got us in a tiny house in the middle of a very rough land. I’m extremely bummed to hear him talk about retirement, and extremely happy to hear him compliment how much we’ve done here.

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