First night in the house at -20°C

I slept next to the stove to keep feeding it through the night; woke up 3 times, the sky was amazing. The house isn’t insulated optimally yet. I don’t like that we don’t have an alternative to the one stove for heating. It’s low tech and has a low chance of breaking down but I will be reassured when we have another one in the addition we’ll build.

Looks like we’ll be able to spend Winters with 100% renewable fuel sourced within 2000′. Improvements will be quite welcome if we go through something like last Winter.


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    1. Well, I could close the damper and only let in a little bit of air to slow down the combustion. This would let a big log go through the night but wouldn’t generate enough heat for a night this cold. This is what we do for cold nights, just not the really cold ones. For these ones I let the fire consume the logs as fast as it’ll do it and keep feeding it to get more heat faster.

      T’en es où de la stère que t’as reçu en Octobre?

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