Getting a well drilled

Unfortunately not a whole lot of water at 300ft. We’ll see where static is tomorrow and decide if we go deeper.IMG_3600

Very impressive piece of machineryIMG_3597Not a very green process.

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  1. Mind blown as always. Ffs, and I’m here eating a turkey club bought in a gas station, while in front of my office puter.

    1. Non on va continuer plus profond dans le même trou. They kept going this morning down to 380ft (115m) and water is finally coming up the hole. Doesn’t seem to be rushing up but it’s coming. So we’ll let it do its thing a while to see how high it gets. One of our challenge is that we’re doing a non-electric pitcher pump so the water needs to be at a reasonable base height for us to pump it out.

      Interesting process, too bad we didn’t luck out on a shallow well gushing out with water 🙂

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