High Altitude Siding

It’s hard to muster the resolve to spend a day doing acrobatics on ladders, but once things are underway, you get in the groove and it’s actually pleasant. Still, I definitely earned my beer today.

Fighting recalcitrant boards as always.


Cutting station visitor


I’m finally closing the rakes, and I’m finishing the wall how I started it: with meshing to prevent insect from going behind the siding but allow for air circulation.


The last piece!


This section is very hard to get to, stuck between 2 roofs.


In fact at a certain height, I can only reach everything by adopting body positions which are not ladder approved. At that point I grab my harness and trusty GriGri.


Tethered to some dead weight on the other side of the house.

It’s always super nice up there, the trees around the house are really growing.

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