All in all this has been a pretty weird bee season. Between the swarms, the bear attacks, the drone baby-boom and the lack of reserves; I lamented that no sweetness would be gained from the hard work.

To my good surprise however, the bees finally adjusted to all this and got in a decent amount of honey. It probably helps that they already kicked out all these freeloader males.

Lot of activity but they remained super friendly throughout my extraction of a few frames

I only pulled 6 frames, I want to leave enough food behind for the cold days ahead


The cells are packed!


The frames gotten from the Top Bar Hive are all used, the wax is saved for soap & lip balm making.

Sticky business

While the frams of the Langstroth Hive are spun in an extractor in an effort to save the wax (saving bees the costly work of making more wax if you’re only interested in the honey).


As I said, not a great year but happy to have gotten some loot


Looks great, tastes great


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