House – Sheathing done!

Mike, A.J., Peter, Sarie, Mike, Helen, Jason, Ian, Jody, Merritt, Chris, Jess, Larry, Matt all came to help us sheathe the 2nd floor and the roof. Both daunting tasks I couldn’t take on without a ton of help. Today was very humbling in the amount of help we received, but also in feeling like a lot of folks are behind us to help us realize our dream. We will be forever grateful and will pay it back, or forward.


I didn’t take a lot of pics but I’ll get more from someone who did 🙂


IMG_0117Great, amazing day, we were almost as stressed leading up it as for our wedding day. It’s borderline emotional to see this project you poured your heart, soul, sweat and blood into turn into a home.


Special thanks to Mark & Matt for their giant ladders. I’m sure they’re bummed about missing all the fun.

Oh and I lost 10lbs since this all started 45 days ago, not that I care but it’s impressive considering how copiously I eat.

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