Humbling cold

Nights bellow -20°C are forecast for the next few days and I happen to be home alone. It’s humbling to be solely responsible for keeping warm. All the evening chores are mine too.

Getting the shower ready

  1. break the ice in little pieces

who needs Minecraft?

IMG_29862. Scoop out the little pieces with a milk crate (holes to let water through make it easier)IMG_30193. Let things settle for clear water

IMG_30254. Fill pots


5. Apply heatIMG_3165IMG_3169

Before dusk I gave the chicken a path to their food to stretch their legs and fill up one last time before a long night.

IMG_3026They also got home delivered warm water.


I really hope they’ll be all right.

Should be enough wood for the night, emergency fire starter kit included.IMG_3164

I “ran” electricity to the house for convenience. I’ll do it right when the ground thaws but in the meantime this will make so we don’t have to worry so much about charging and going outside to do so.



8 Replies to “Humbling cold”

  1. You imply wronlgy my friend.

    Nah man – I feel worse every year being a carnivore and we try to buy our meats at the butcher’s cause we hope the animals are treated better.

    Je suis de plus en plus sensible a la cause animal.

    Jai vu des docus sur-violent dernierement bordel. Fuck humans

  2. What do you mean by “cognitive dissonance” in this case ? That I don’t fully conceive that there is a relation between the quality of an animals life habits and well-being and the culinary quality of its organs meat etc ?

    We live in France dude – anything that can make our food have better taste, we fully comprehend 🙂

    1. Not exactly in term of the quality of the food; simply that you seem to imply that because I’ll eat a chicken, it doesn’t necessarily need to be treated well.

  3. And I loled when you reading your concern regarding your chicks ’cause im guessing your gonna eat them all some time or another 🙂

    1. Interesting, the fact you think it’s funny means you see cognitive dissonance between the quality of a chicken’s life and the fact that it will end up as diner.

  4. Awesome posts man

    Gives us nice insights on your life.
    You guys rock.

    You must be excited by the prospect of ending winter.

    1. Quite honestly Winter hasn’t been bad at all this year. Winter took forever to show up, is already receding, and the peaks were few and far between. The birds are already showing up and the trees flowing with sap. We could use a bit more Winter to really appreciate Spring.

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