I dropped the biggest tree I ever cut

then I dropped the biggest tree I ever cut. It’s been a good record breaking day, I took down 6 giant pines and several others which were all within striking distance of where we’re getting ready to build a sugar house.

the final boss today: one big fucking Christmas tree

I was apprehensive at first, I had never cut anything this large. Everything went well except on the smaller trees when I was rushing a little more and 2 didn’t go where they were supposed to. All the big ones did, experience is really nice, not that it removes all surprises. A few years ago I would have been shaking approaching anything half this size with a chainsaw.

No more plastic wedges for me

No one was allowed anywhere near the site of the treepocalypse for several hours, the house shook several times. When the carnage was over, Robin got to tame a sea of green to build Fort Awesome.

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