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  1. I just came back from a reading group here in Western Australia studying Jung’s Red Book which has many striking Mandalas in it. Your program worked to create some of my own to objectify the inner feelings stirred up by reading Jung and seeing his Mandalas drawn 100 years ago. Thank you. Then I dug into your site and discovered the Life in the US post from Nov 2016. My parents were New Yorkers (Dad Columbia 35, Mom Barnard 34) who went farming in 1938. I grew up in the 40s and 50s on a hill farm in New Hampshire across from Bellows Falls. Horses were just going out, tractors coming in. It was still seamlessly connected to the past 10,000 years of agriculture as rural Africa and India are still, but already changing into what you describe. My younger sister just moved back from California to Vermont last year and of course we talked on Skype just yesterday. Ave atque vale.

    1. I always love hearing about how the program I wrote helps people thank you :).

      We do struggle with every bit of power equipment we acquire. If it were up to me, we’d have none. Unfortunately there is just no time, no time to rear horses, no time to spend bucking up trees, no time to spend tilling and moving material. This all needs to be fast or it doesn’t happen. That’s because our lifestyles even with power tools aren’t meant to be in today’s society and so we complement them with jobs, and the jobs make it so we have very little time to cram all the chores and jobs of a small farm. It works but I wish I could do the lifestyle justice by living it at its natural rhythm.

      Thanks for the note!

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