Maple sugaring, season 2

We are ramping up again for our second season of Maple sugaring. With perfect weather ahead:

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 8.54.26 AM

And based on a UVM study, I tend to prefer tapping early even with the chance of cold snaps as Winter & Spring figure out who the new boss is. Essentially from what I gather, you can’t tap too early but you can tap too late. I also really like the taste of early flow and the season is spread out in more manageable chunks of labor.

This sled is proving to beĀ invaluableIMG_8163

The wife & kid are traveling but the neighbors are here to helpIMG_8165

Cleaning the tanks and buckets takes a long while, it’s amazing we did it last year without a well for water.IMG_8170

It takes a lot of work to get everything ready, we will apply a lot of lessons learned last year. I uncovered the evaporator and didn’t even have to kick out a raccoon.

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