Oops we did it again

We bought another wood stove. But it’s ok, this one is just for parts, which is a bit sad as it is in really good shape. The absolutely gorgeous Glenwood we bought a couple of years back needed some TLC and had a few parts that were cracked. I got them out and I was trying to find a cast iron welder for them. But any plan to get them back in shape was imperfect in some way. Then one day, this other Glenwood from 1917 (I think) pops up online and without many details or documentation, it just looks the same. For $100 it’s simply worth a shot.

As far as I can tell it’s the exact same model minus a few bells and whistles. It’s hard to tell, there is simply very little online about 100+ year old stoves. But the pieces that were damaged on the first one are all there and are in pristine shape. Now that is a score in and of itself. I’m going to feel terrible cannibalizing it, it’s in really great shape but it is missing more than our original.

I could definitely get into restoring these beauties if I had more time. In the meantime getting good deals on stoves opportunistically and a few years before we need them has worked well for us. The Glenwood will be ready by the time we need it, most  likely to replace the Sweetheart as it moves into a shop to be built adjacent to the house. Long live the Glenwood, may it fire for another 100 years.

I might need to open a “stoves” sections on this blog.

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