Trip of doom – will someone pleaaaase amputate my ass

My rear end is hurting so much and after day 3 I still haven’t broken into
my saddle. I’m now doubting this will even happen. I guess an XR650L isn’t
exactly the type of bike that you take on day long trips. Brandon’s quote
of the day is “How do you like having a motorcycle shoved up your ass for
hours?” and there is simply no better way to put it.

Trip of doom – day 3 Montana rocks

We took it easy today and just rode for a couple of hours, we’re spending
the night in this awesome cabin maintained by the US forest services. This
is a nice break to recuperate before we aim for Canada. I can’t believe
that it’s only day 3. Montana is enormous and has very long and wide roads,
coupled with no wind makes for the best riding. It’s farm after farm here.
And sometimes, a small town, some cute, some not so cute with obvious meth
problems. Abandoned houses and railroads would be great photographic
oportunities but it’s hard to stop and unwrap everytime. Cell phone
coverage is getting very sparse. Tonight we will be sleeping in a bed and
with 4 walls & a roof.