Shit I get in the mail #2

Il n’est pas rare qu’au milieu du courrier, parmis les offres de cartes de credit, se cache une relance pour acheter des bibelots. Jusqu’ici pas de quoi en faire un plat. Seulement les objects en question sont d’un mauvais gout a en faire palir le cul d’un Anglais. Nicole et moi les avons garde religieusement au cours de ces derniers annees. Ont les regarde un peu comme un album photo de temps a autres pour se marrer un coup.

Sans plus tarder voici la collection:

Shit I get in the mail #1

We’re gonna start easy with the most discusting idea a marketing genius ever had, I give you:


Last time I bought a pizza from Domino’s, they threw free cinamon sticks with it. Rather than be filled with the smell of delicious pizza, my car stunk cinamon like it’s Christmas at the gay ass mall.

Domino’s, inventing puke inducing recipes since 1960

recursive name based delete

Here’s a neat little command that will let you delete specified files/directories recursively and based on their names.

Let’s do a dry run first to make sure that the command will go through the right files. Run:

<code class="plain plain">find <directory_to_start_the_recursion_in> -name <file_name</code>>

Keep in mind that if you’re gonna have asterisks (*) in the <file_name> you need to escape them like so:

find /var/www -name *.jpg

make sure that the result only lists the files/directories that you indeed want to obliterate. Then improve that last command by adding:

find <directory_to_start_the_recursion_in> -name <file_name> -exec rm -rf {} ;

Since this is a pretty dangerous command even after a dry run, you can use -ok instead of -exec which will prompt you for approval everytime the command it executed.

find <directory_to_start_the_recursion_in> -name <file_name> -ok rm -rf {} ;

This is of course not limited to rm 🙂