Killing Floor Review

Left4Dead is far from obsolete but lately I grew a little sick of playing the same maps over and over. The special zombies too are getting kinda old. This is when I came accross Killing Floor. Very little information is currently available about it on the web, a couple of videos on youtube and the official game site.

It’s currently one of the most sold game on Steam showing the strong liking that people are taking with coop massacring of zombies.

killing floor sales

Let’s go straight to the point: the games needs to be polished the fuck out. It’s very bulky, buggy & glitchy but it is built right. The game obviously got released too early and while it seems like the people in charge are proactive about fixing all of that, one can only hope that they’ll keep doing so until they have an acceptable product.

The gameplay is just weird, moving around doesn’t feel right.

The maps aren’t the best but they’re good enough.

The monsters you get to kill are pretty cool.

Graphics aren’t bad at all.

The AI’s not the best too and so repetitiveness becomes an issue early.

The music is really good.

Sound effects on the other hand are awkward.

but really this all needs to be patched like there’s no tomorrow.

I threw a quick video together since as I said earlier, only very little info can currently be found about this game:

It’s for sale for $20 on Steam, I’ve played for about 2 hours and don’t have much more in me. Not really worth it unless you don’t mind throwing money out the window. There used to be a time where games were released as finished products…

recursive type based chmod

Here’s a cool little script that will recursively chmod, giving a permission based on whether it’s dealing with a file or a directory. This is very convenient when you want to add that +x to directories but not files.

find $1 -type f -exec chmod $2 {} ;
find $1 -type d -exec chmod $3 {} ;

Go ahead and edit /usr/bin/chmod_script, copy paste these 2 lines in there, then issue a chmod 755 /usr/bin/chmod_script as root, that’s it!

Usage syntax is as follows:

chmod_script <directory_to_start_the_recursion_in> <permissions_for_files> <permissions_for+directories>

so if I want to use it on /var/www do:

chmod_script /var/www 644 755



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