Quick Shed

I despise tarps, they’re worthless and then they break. I’ve been toying for a while with the idea of the quickest/cheapest shed I could put together. The model having stagnated for a while in sketchup, I figured it meant I would find no more optimization in the virtual world. It was time to try in in the real world.

This is optimized to get standard sized lumber and make a minimal amount of cuts. Framing went really well and I haven’t learned anything I would do different, I still need to put the tin on.

I made all the cuts in 40 minutes.

Cut up in a kit for assembly beyond the orchard

And it took about 2 hours to assemble, not bad at all.

What’s left to do? Tin for the roof which should be pretty quick, I’d like to level it a bit and set it on something to keep it off the ground. I could side it, but that isn’t a requirement for now, covered is already a huge improvement. Lastly if it works like I think it will, I would like it to be my standard shed I can build here and there for all sorts of needs. And when I have a few, I’d like to build a rig to move them around.

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