recursive name based delete

Here’s a neat little command that will let you delete specified files/directories recursively and based on their names.

Let’s do a dry run first to make sure that the command will go through the right files. Run:

<code class="plain plain">find <directory_to_start_the_recursion_in> -name <file_name</code>>

Keep in mind that if you’re gonna have asterisks (*) in the <file_name> you need to escape them like so:

find /var/www -name *.jpg

make sure that the result only lists the files/directories that you indeed want to obliterate. Then improve that last command by adding:

find <directory_to_start_the_recursion_in> -name <file_name> -exec rm -rf {} ;

Since this is a pretty dangerous command even after a dry run, you can use -ok instead of -exec which will prompt you for approval everytime the command it executed.

find <directory_to_start_the_recursion_in> -name <file_name> -ok rm -rf {} ;

This is of course not limited to rm 🙂

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