So very close to a roof

4 days marathon building session, which isn’t over yet in light of the good weather ahead. We are pushing for a roof before the next rain. Rafters, rakes, ridge boards, blocking, fascias, it’s all there. We are ready for sheathing.

The high altitude acrobatics have started. IMG_6897 2IMG_6938

If it isn’t plumb force it with a clamp.IMG_0579

We got to work in the shade for a change, amazing what this does to your energy levels.IMG_0598

The roof lines coming togetherIMG_0617

To the right, the chicken coop and first structure I built in which you can actually stand; which was a major aha moment. Center, the expression of the skills I’ve gained ever since.IMG_0663

Vermont, the lesser known big sky state.IMG_0702

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