Spring hit like a ton of bricks

And it’s been a wet one.

So wet I can’t get the tractor anywhere it could be useful, I Haven’t been able to make it past this mess.

So wet ducks decided to come live with us. Never seen ducks on the land before.

I  can’t scoop the wood chips with the tractor so it’s all shovel & elbow grease.

I found some snow digging deep in the wood chip pile, I threw a snowball at Robin and his friend thinking I was so smart to throw snowballs in May.

Then this happened

But it didn’t last. We are adding to the orchard as we do every year. More importantly we replaced the blueberries that didn’t take, and moved the raspberry which never did well. Not everything we put in the ground thrives

I doubled the electric fence to maximize our chances of zapping pests.

We build a movable chicken coop, and tidied up their fence, of course they quickly found their way out.

Everything is in full swing, cleanups, the garden, the wood pile. Time is sparse and I have little time to document it all, or interest to do so as after 4 years, this is has all become less extraordinary in the best way possible.

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