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  1. ok I’ve finished half the blanket and I’m gonna make a pillow with it, but I’m gonna sew together a pillow instead of crocheting one. Thanks for the info and I’ll for sure send a picture once I’m done.

    1. I’d say they are 3″x3″ approximately and the resulting blanket is really big. The first picture has my wife on it for reference 🙂 I’d do between 2″ and 2.5″.

      One point to keep in mind, with entrelac, you’ll end up with your “pixels” rotated 45°. You’ll then have to go through and finish the corners line by line until you have an actual square.

      This is most definitely a time consuming project. Good luck and please send a note with some pics when you’re done 🙂

      1. You can avoid your pixels being at a 45 degree angle by starting your entrelac in the corner. That way your edges are already squared off

    1. There isn’t exactly a pattern; you need to learn how to do a Tunisian stitch (it’s a weird mix of crochet & knitting), there are plenty of good tutorials on Youtube. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be able to create crochet projects which are multiple little square attached to one another. Perfect for pixel art 🙂

          1. Entrelac uses the Tunisian simple stitch. it’s just a technique to interlock the Tunisian squares together. Anyway, do you remember what yarn you used? Im having trouble color matching 🙂

            1. Oh interesting! Yeah! So I googled it after you mentioned it and nothing I saw looked like what I did. But that’s because everything I was seeing was knitting related. When I googled “entrelac crochet” sure enough, I found exactly the technique I used for this blanket 🙂

              Thanks for helping me use the right words 🙂 I used red heart yarn, I don’t have the color references anymore sorry :. I’ve had the blanket for a few years now and it it by very far the warmest blanket in the house. Also the heaviest, this technique consumes a lot of yarn and makes for thick blankets.

              1. I just started doing this a few weeks back. I’m hopelessly optimistic that I’ll be able to finish it in 11 days (i know it’s impossible!) I’m only on row 19 (out of 63!! Not counting the edging!) as a 9 yr anniversary gift for my bf. I hope i have enough yarn… I’m using caron simply soft and i got 16 skeins

                1. Yes, the simply soft is nice 🙂 Yarn is easy to buy more of, time will most definitely be running short. Rows get bigger and color changes are time consuming. It’s probably more appropriate for a 10 year anniversary anyways 🙂

                    1. I just calculated… I have roughly 92 hours left to finish this. (out of 115) I think i better start on the pillow! LOL

        1. I don’t know :\ you can count them but I don’t know that the information is necessary. Create your pattern on paper to refer to and buy wool as needed.

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