We’re boiling

The sap is finally flowing a full month later than we’re used to. We probably have 4 gallons of syrup in the pan & tanks now which is enough to make it worth all the work so we can relax a bit and just boil.

Managing several days of no activity is tricky, we want the sap to be cold and a little frozen so it doesn’t spoil, but not frozen to the point that it damages the expensive stainless pan.

That’s why we have to make well timed strategic little fires.

Checking on the sap before a cold night, yup, needs a strategic little fire.

When it’s boiling time, the fires are something else entirely.

It’s hot.

Smoke on the water, which I was traumatized with several times, is tolerated this time.

Stainless float valve for auto fill, works wonderfully.

Watching the action from the loft.

We tried ziplining a beer from the house to the sugarhouse, but it was a miserable failure. My plan to retreat in the sugarhouse and get the essentials of life ziplined to me will require more work.

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