Winter Hike

Too rarely do we just go explore our land. Our curiosity subsided as we’ve gotten to know it. And I’m ashamed to report we’ve gotten used to our luck. It’s rare these days that we snap back to a mental state before any of this, which provides a point of reference for how lucky we are to live in the middle of all this. This has become normal and most posts on this blog are bound to become repeats with less of the enthusiasm of discovery. It doesn’t mean we enjoy it any less, it just means it has become normal. Today we tried to break this state of things a little, we went on an adventure, and it was awesome.

Some critter lives here

We went just over our land boundary to check the cemetery. I hadn’t seen it in 8 years, and it yielded plenty of conversations with Robin.

Wait, are there dead bodies under us?
– Yes.

Plenty of graves there, some of people born in the 1700s. Lots of super sad small graves.

Established at a time when this wasn’t a forest, now being taken over by it. It’s a very peaceful place.

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