Black gold

From one Vermont hill

To our Vermont hill

Featuring: some guy with a giant ass tractor

Compost is gold, we haven’t been so good at making our own and the raspberries haven’t grown so well. This year we’re trying to pamper them more by weeding them more aggressively and making sure they’ve got more than enough nutrients in the soil.

Room flooring

This is a bedroom a kid will grow up and become a teenager in, I laid tongue and groove pine because I could use the hardest of woods, there will be holes through it. I figured it’ll be easier to be ok with the damage if it’s not super expensive wood. The result looks great but it will wear faster. I love the angles in that room, Robin has not been in it for weeks, we’re keeping it a surprise and will have a ribbon cutting ceremony in a couple of days.

The old crowbar helping straighten up recalcitrant boards

Working in tight spaces

Construction baby managing the crew

A first in 3 years

A nicely finished room, no visible insulation, studs or vapor barrier. It is incredibly satisfying to work on finishing a room. Since we now have enough space in the house, all the others will follow. We are done making temporary arrangements.

A guide for the circular is incredibly useful for making rip cuts.

How trims are born

Finer work is super satisfying

I opened the windows and discovered the view a few weeks ago, giving them a nice frame makes it all the more enjoyable.