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  1. What is the tractor you have, and do you like it? I’m going backward in time reading, so you may have written about it earlier. We are looking into buying something like it. When we move from our present place to the larger place, a digger and mover will be essential, but we have not a clue about these things.

    1. We just bought the tractor a few weeks ago, so we are also very new at the great world of tractors 🙂

      Honestly it’s an idea we struggled with for a while for many reasons (being green / impact on the land / expansionism), but at the end of the day, we just don’t have to bandwidth to rear horses and the projects are going to get done no matter how much I suffer through them. So we decided to get this piece of equipment to ease the heavy lifting (my back will thank me).

      As someone who is 100% new to this, the amount of functionality and power these things give you has really blown my mind. We bought the smallest tractor we could find that is still a tractor and not a glorified riding lawnmower :). It’s a John Deere 1025R. I thought it was going to help but it is giving us 20 times what I thought it would.

      With very little diesel you can do a LOT and it’s making me borderline emotional to see so much get accomplished when I would have struggled so hard to get it done before.

      With this being said there are things we still refuse to have it do, like splitting wood, we are very conscious of not having it too easy and getting machines to do everything for us, we also try to not use power equipment all the time because it’s more dangerous and so kids can’t participate in the activities.

      Regardless, it’s definitely an extremely useful and enjoyable tool.

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