I fell into a rabbit hole perusing Michael Fogleman’s awesome projects: the one which really caught my eye is Primitive which reconstructs images using primitive shapes. It’s implemented with a whole lot of parameters to play with, the results are captivating.

I scripted a way to have it infuse its magic into a short movie. I really love the results.


Original (yes dad is proud)


250 triangles


Abstracting even more: 50 triangles


500 ellipses


250 rotated ellipses


1000 circles


1000 rotated rectangles


1000 b├ęzier curvesI love the ghostly quality of this one


The Wordiest Word

With Markov chain based random word generation, I essentially have tables of the probabilities for letters sequences. With this I’ve always wanted to know what the most English word was. The word with the highest probability of each letter following its predecessors.

I finally bit the bullet and produced it; well them, because it varies depending on the corpus & depth used. All in all it’s not that impressive, just kind of cool to know. I don’t know what I was expecting, some amazing word that would rock my socks off.

Without further ado, here they are:

Corpus Depth Wordiest Word
basic_english_words 1 st
basic_english_words 2 st
basic_english_words 3 struction
basic_english_words 4 statement
basic_english_words 5 store
unabridged_english_dictionary 1 prerererererererere…
unabridged_english_dictionary 2 press
unabridged_english_dictionary 3 press
unabridged_english_dictionary 4 preconcer
unabridged_english_dictionary 5 preconcertification