Onetouch Delica 3D Printable Replacement Cap



We’ve gone through many of these and it’s always the same part that breaks:

Since the whole thing costs $20, I figured I’d build a 3D printable model of the dumb piece of plastic that is the cap.

After a few iterations, mass production time

And voila:

works like a charm.

2 Replies to “Onetouch Delica 3D Printable Replacement Cap”

  1. Thank you very much !
    That was exactly what we were looking for. You are right, always the same part breaks first.
    So, you helped the French social security service to save a bit of money.

    Thanks again !!!

    1. Merci de laisser un message 🙂 Je suis toujours ravis de savoir que mon travail puisse être utile. Avec notre système de santé du tiers monde aux U.S. on fait surtout ça pour économiser de notre propre poche.

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