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  1. Hi, Ben. I’m interested in building the PlottyBot. But I’m having problems with the software and am wondering if you can provide some pointers. Do you have any documents where you outline what services and startup scripts you’re running in your OS image that you can share?

    Before making the investment and 3D printing parts and purchasing the mechanicals, I thought I’d see if I can get the Pi portion working. I picked up a Zero W (ver 1.1), burned your Pi OS to 32GB SD, and booted the board. Even after some hours, I cannot see the PlottyBot SSID on WIFI.

    I don’t mind fumbling my way through the OS and server intricacies to figure things out. But thought I’d check with you in case there’s some pointers you can share to jump start that process.


    1. Hi Nick,

      no documentation on software operation yet, I am hoping to polish it to a point where it needs nothing but the build instructions. So far, every time I burnt a new SD and launched it, it worked for me no problem. But, there hasn’t yet been a horde of people going through it and finding all the little things that can go wrong :). To this effect I really appreciate your offer to help figure out what’s going on here, it’ll help others for sure.

      Anyway, I think that step one is to find a screen and keyboard, and see what’s going on on this first boot. I’m sure it’ll point us in the right direction. On my side I’ll burn it once more and launch it on a Pi to make sure I didn’t mess up something at the last second before uploading the image.

      I’ll email you directly and I’m happy to hop on a Zoom call if it’ll help. Smart move to try the Pi part first :). Take care.

      edit: It’s fixed, please re-download the image.

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