We woke up to a world encased in ice

We have had ice storms before but this one was particularly thorough in covering every nook in cranny of our land.

The sun shone through pine trees and it looked just like a Christmas tree decorated with lights so I updated the list of traditions I understood since moving to Vermont.

I almost plowed what snow we had before the ice came, but in talking to a friend, she brought up letting the ice accumulate on the snow rather than on the ground so it’s easier to kick out.  Duh, what kind of flatlander doesn’t know that.

The storms are rolling in one after another, the tractor has been invaluable in taking care of all this snow. We have great paths, a flat driveway, and all I had to do was push a button and joyride around.

With all this snow and ice, the trees are taking a beating.

On the less glamorous side of things, emptying the portable toilet is a full on arctic expedition these days. We lost access to the septic tank and really, I prefer it this way.

We started on an igloo 🙂 this is the closed I’ve gotten to building one. We’ll see if we can finish the critical top.

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